Our activities

Awareness raising, tutorial and expert activities

IuRe has got skills in holding specialized workshops dealing with topical problems; among others we held seminars “European arrest warrant” at the Prague Faculty of Law, “Actual Problems of Distrainment” in the Chamber of Deputies, workshops with international participants “Personal data in databases of state organs” at Goethe Institute and “Traveling and privacy protection” at UN Information Center.

IuRe highlights the current problems and privacy threats and are targets at broad public. To make these topics further accessible, IuRe organizes regular public discussions at universities, clubs and cinemas. Our PR include advertising and promotion through leaflets, info-cards and merchandise.

IuRe staff has a regular contact with media, providing comments and answering questions about privacy protection, levy executions, dwelling law, labor law, police law, rights of assembly. IuRe publishes in the bulletins of public law - Via Iuris, SOS Magazine, A2 Weekly and other legal periodicals.

Legislative activities

Strong point of IuRe resides in preparation and boosting of suggestions to the legal regulation draft proposals relevant to our agenda. We succeeded among others in pushing changes to strengthen executors responsibility and rights of the parts in the execution proceedings in the Execution Rule, abate the infringement of the Free Information Access Law, participated in actions aimed to cease parleying of specific bill restraining some assemblies, we approach to decreasing of barriers blocking access to justice caused by high caution money connected with legal precautions. Legislative activities are strictly non-political, based on the principle of public interest with emphasis on professional level of arguments.

Cooperation and networking

IuRe is represented in the Committee for Civil and Political Rights of the Governmental Council for Human Rights, in Public Interest Law Association (PILA) and is a member of the European network of non-governmental digital rights organizations, EDRi (European Digital Rights). We cooperate with Creative Commons International in localization of open author’s licence in the Czech Republic. In order to solve particular problems, we constitute ad hoc coalitions, partnerships and cooperations with a wide spectrum of subjects, among others with the National Library of the Czech Republic, Consumer Defence Association, Association of Civic Guidance Centres or Econnect.

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