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Main Campaigns

Legal Aid Against Social Exclusion

The mission of this oldest programme is to provide legal aid to those who need it most. The work usually concerns cases where individuals face injustice and torts, but can't afford or are not provided with commercial legal assistance. Our agenda focuses primarily on labor law infringements, dwelling law and excesses in levy execution.

We cooperate with other non-governmental organizations working with various socially disadvantaged groups. Very often when the same sort of problem problems start recurring, it indicates some sort of flaw in the system. For example, recently we have focused on the legislation concerning the tenancy rights of senior people and on excesses during levy executions.

Human Rights and Technology

This programme aims to create a barrier against the misuse of digital technologies for unjustifiable breaches of individual privacy. Among other activities, IuRe annually organizes the Big Brother Awards Czech republic, pointing finger at government agencies, private companies and individuals who have excelled in the violation of our privacy. Our regular public debates raise awreness about both actual and potential suppression of the right to be left alone. Iure monitors and prepares comments on new legislation, as well as provides legal consultancy for individual cases. Within the scope of this programme we also work on localizing and promoting Creative Commons Licensing as an alterantive to the traditional intelectual property schemes. This new way of sharing creative work and thoughts on a non commercial basis is being introduced and promoted in the country together with the National Library of the Czech Republic and Faculty of Philosophy and Arts.

Human Rights and Public Administration

This programme´s activities react to actual threats to the freedom of citizens from state authorities. IuRe in collaboration with Open Society and Transparency International CR has run a successful campaign against the attempt to suppress public control by broadening the range of criteria for confidential or secret information under the Classified Information Act. IuRe has also provided long term legal support to participants of CzechTek event in 2005, who were affected by illegal encroachment. Together with association Oživení we run a project "Municipal press without censorship", which calls for well-balanced coverage from the town hall press (paid from tax-payers money).We have established a long term close cooperation with the similarly focused Slovak NGO Via Iuris.

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