IuRe joins European project on raising privacy awareness

25. 2. 2009 | 01:00

Iuridicum Remedium is one of the partners in a new European project initiated by the French Human Rights League (LDH), which aims to raise awareness on the privacy aspects, especially among the young generation.

The project initiated by LDH and started on 1 January 2009 comprises, besides IuRe, another European Human Rights Network - European Association for the Defense of Human Rights (EAHR), Eruropean Digital Rights (EDRi) network and Pangea (Spain). The project is funded by the European Commision within the framework of the Program on fundamental rights and citizenship - transnational projects.

This project aims to help a large group of young people, teenagers and young adults to become vigilant about the protection of their personal data, to sensitise them on subjects which may seem trivial.

A first meeting was held on 13-14 February 2009 when all project members met for the first time to better define the main two objectives:

a) The analysis and comparison of some privacy invasive technologies in the selected countries, the identification of good and worst practices, applicable legislation and its implementation, relevant awareness campaigns.

b) The production of an awareness tool aimed at young adults dealing with sensitive subjects in all countries, which are not sufficiently handled or specifically aimed at this target population. In this case our objective is to influence these practices and go against the tendency which professes "I have nothing to hide therefore nothing to fear, so no problem" with an accent upon "why should they care and how to do it".

Human Rights League France

European Association for the Defense of Human Rights



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