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Czech Big Brother Awards 2007

22. 11. 2007 | 14:13

A panel of nine experts including journalists and civic associations` members chose the awards for this year BBA winners at the ceremony on 13 November 2007 in Prague, from more than 70 nominations. The Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic received the award in the category Lifetime Menace for having ignored basic citizen privacy protection rights in elaborating the National Action Plan of Fighting Terrorism (NAP). During the elaboration process of NAP the Private Data Protection Office was not invited for discussion in issues.

Government attempts of increased level of surveillance in Czech Republic

7. 11. 2007 | 14:09

The Czech Interior Ministry introduced in October 2007 a new National Action Plan to Combat Terrorism that would increase the access of the police and intelligence authorities to personal data, under the pretext of the protection against terrorism. The Czech Ministry of Interior has introduced a similar plan every year since 2002 - in 2005 it actually won the Czech Big Brother Award for it - which, until now, has been rejected by the Parliament.

Czech government accepts the new PNR agreement with reservations

1. 8. 2007 | 13:03

On the 18 July 2007, the Czech government approved, with signficant reservations, the new PNR agreement prepared by the European Commission with the US Department for Homeland Security (DHS). During the short period of consultations among the Czech authorities and politicians on the new agreement, the Czech Data Protection Authority stated that the current proposal deteriorated the level of protection of personal data. The Czech Data Protection Authority however did not clearly oppose the new agreement.

New Czech Police draft act allows taking DNA samples by force

7. 6. 2007 | 12:52

The Czech Senate, upper chamber of the Parliament, approved on 25 May 2006 the amendment of the Criminal Proceedings Code and Police Act, which empowers police officers to take DNA samples and other identification samples as fingerprints. According to the draft police can take the DNA samples even by using force in case of resistance. Currently, a person may refuse to provide the saliva sample, which could result only in aprocedural fine of maximum 2800 Eur.

Czech Republic bestowed Big Brother Awards for the second time

8. 11. 2006 | 14:06

On 30 October 2006 in Prague the Big Brother Awards for the most egregious data privacy transgressions in the Czech Republic were bestowed for the second time. The event organised by the NGO Iuridicum Remedium was quite a big success reported by many national media. The chief of the Czech data protection office as well as other officials and foreign guests - Meryem Marzouki from EDRi, padeluun from German FoeBud, Alexander Kashamov, of AIP organising BBA event in Bulgaria together with dozens of people enjoyed the evening show.

Travellers privacy and European Union

30. 8. 2006 | 13:17

The event "Travellers privacy and EU" was organised on 3 August 2006 by Prague based NGO Iuridicum Remedium and it brought together Czech and European stakeholders across the spectrum working on technological developments that affect the movement of people across borders. Speakers came from Data protection agencies within Europe (Italy, Czech Republic, Spain), Czech law enforcement agencies, including the Ministry of the Interior, Czech airlines and the company (Logica CMG) that is producing the RFID-chipped Czech passport - which comes into force on 1 September 2006.

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