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IuRe joins European project on raising privacy awareness

25. 2. 2009 | 01:00

Iuridicum Remedium is one of the partners in a new European project initiated by the French Human Rights League (LDH), which aims to raise awareness on the privacy aspects, especially among the young generation.

Personal data protection in the Czech Republic – nothing to celebrate

21. 2. 2009 | 19:36
Press release on the European Data Protection Day
Iuridicum Remedium, o.s., Prague, January 27, 2009
For the third time the Council of Europe has proclaimed January 28 theEuropean Data Protection Day. Iuridicum Remedium (IuRe) on this occasion reminds that the safety of Czech citizens´ personal data is still seriously endangered.

Big Brother Awards Czech Republic 2008

18. 11. 2008 | 14:34

The fourth edition of Big Brother Awards was announced in the Czech Republic in Prague on Friday, November 14. Under the direction of Czech EDRi-member NGO Iuridicum Remedium,o.s. seven worst perpetrators of the right to privacy were awarded. The positive prize was granted to German Working Group on Data Retention AK Vorrat. 

Czech Parliament - close to implementing data retention directive

4. 6. 2008 | 10:12
Czech Parliament is close to approving the data retention implementation as an Act amending the Electronic Communications Act (127/2005 Coll.). Due to the early introduction of the data retention obligation in the text of the 2005 Act, the current amending draft law implementing the data retention directive is more specific.

Czechs became Trojan horses for new US visa waiver programme

26. 3. 2008 | 11:24

Czech Republic Interior Minister Ivan Langer and U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff signed on 26 February 2008 in Washington D.C. the Memorandum of Understanding which is the first step in introducing new electronic visa programme for all EU countries.

Key privacy concerns in Czech Republic 2007

28. 1. 2008 | 14:05

Last year has seen an increased number attempts from government bodies to extend their powers and make it easier to access people`s private information. To name a few, there were legal proposals to increase the number of agencies authorized to access and process electronic communication data collected by telecommunication companies under the Data Retention law, national DNA database enlargement, plans for various administrative database sharing, introduction of even more CCTV systems and the pressure on air travel operators to share records about their passengers.

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