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German Federal Constitutional Court rejects data retention law

10. 3. 2010 | 00:00

The German Federal Constitutional Court rejected on 2 March 2010 the legislation requiring electronic communications traffic data retention for a period of 6 months.

BBA 2009 results: Ministry of Health is "Biggest administrative sleuth"

12. 11. 2009 | 00:00

The results of the fifth annual Big Brother Awards were announced at a festive evening in Prague's Theatre Na Pradle. A jury of experts chose from almost 80 nominations entered by the public.

Sweden: IP numbers are personal ...unless you`re a pirate

19. 10. 2009 | 09:29

A ruling from a Swedish court that IP numbers should be considered personal data will not have any impact on the country`s recently passed anti-piracy law.

The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court ruled today that IP numbers should be considered personal information. This is a hot topic because copyright holders routinely use IP numbers to identify people they accuse of illegal file sharing. IP numbers, although issued to a computer, can often be easily tracked back to an individual.

Comparative study on different approaches to new privacy challenges, in particular in the light of technological developments

9. 9. 2009 | 23:00

The report on information privacy in Czech Republic included the political and economic context, surveillance context, social attitudes to privacy, international obligations in relation to privacy constitutional and common law protections and the legislation chepter aswell as areas of special concern (Direct Marketing, Public Registers, Cross-Border Data Transfers, The Internet,...). The teport was created as a part of the project "NEW CHALLENGES TO DATA PROTECTION, EUROPEAN COMMISSION – DG JFS"


Biological Identity

10. 8. 2009 | 16:17

3000 Czechs agreed that their data are included in database by mid 2007 , there were 2000 genetic profiles in Czech national genetic database run by the company by march 2008.

Social networks and new gate keepers of communications - Facebook

10. 8. 2009 | 15:56

According to the statistics of Facebook there were 200000 registered users older than 15 years from the Czech republic at the beginning of 2009. 54 percent of them were women, 44 percent of the Czech users of Facebook were between 21 and 25 years of age. And the number is rapidly growing.


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