Comparative study on different approaches to new privacy challenges, in particular in the light of technological developments

9. 9. 2009 | 23:00

The report on information privacy in Czech Republic included the political and economic context, surveillance context, social attitudes to privacy, international obligations in relation to privacy constitutional and common law protections and the legislation chepter aswell as areas of special concern (Direct Marketing, Public Registers, Cross-Border Data Transfers, The Internet,...). The teport was created as a part of the project "NEW CHALLENGES TO DATA PROTECTION, EUROPEAN COMMISSION – DG JFS"


As the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection (UOOU), Mr  Igor Nemec stated in the foreword of the 2007 Annual Report ,

”...we are witnessing a strengthening of democracy, while human freedom appears to have become a less important aspect. It would seem that collective issues, such as protection against global climate change or joint fight against terrorism, have assumed greater importance than personal freedom. Measures are being gradually enforced without consideration of the risks, difficulties and costs that could be incurred by individual persons whose freedom, such as the right to privacy, is thus being restricted.”

See and download the report on the Europen Commision website:

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