Biological Identity

10. 8. 2009 | 16:17

3000 Czechs agreed that their data are included in database by mid 2007 , there were 2000 genetic profiles in Czech national genetic database run by the company by march 2008.


Known or potentials dangers

Company was fined 90000 Czech crowns after investigation of Czech DPA found out following misconducts:
Company have not liquidated personal data nor DNA samples after finishing tests of paternity and genetic origin, documentation contained names, surnames, birth numbers despite the claims of the company it will for research purposes identify clients on by initial letters of their names and specific number of the client. DPA also found out that before the start of the inspection company didnot asked clients for their consent with procession of their data nor their were informed about the extend in which their data will be processed. Company carried on paternity tests and tests of genetic origin without proper registration at the DPA.

DPA ordered company to liquidate all personal information processed in violation of law on data protection including DNA profiles and samples.


Data retention delays

According to the law 101/2000 on data protection controller is obliged to « preserve personal data only for a period of time that is necessary for the purpose of their processing. After expiry of this period, personal data may be preserved only for purposes of the state statistical service, and for scientific and archival purposes. When using personal data for these purposes, it is necessary to respect the right to protection of private and personal life of the data subject from unauthorised interference and to make personal data anonymous as soon as possible.»
For information on actual practice see Known or potentials dangers.




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